It's MAX!

MaxPodium was born from South America's most renowned and respected gaming chair brand, MaxRacer. Our pioneering brand was launched four years ago in Brazil as part of a family business that has specialized in the production of chairs for almost 50 years. Today we participate in the most important gaming and tech events in Brazil and are the proud operator of the Max Arena, one of the largest gaming arenas in Latin America. Additionally, we are an official sponsor of the Brazilian virtual football team CBF eSeleção.

We are proud of the products we develop and design. The passion and tradition that has been passed down from father to son continues to evolve and is now brought to Germany and throughout Europe under the name MaxPodium.

Whether in our free time or at work, we always strive for peak performance during our long hours in front of big screens. MaxPodium was founded with the same goal as MaxRacer: to produce chairs using high quality materials and cutting-edge technology that are ergonomically designed to allow users to perform at their best, while at the same time offering a contemporary and impressive design that looks great in video streams comes into effect.

Our top priority is to make our customers feel part of our family! Your praise and criticism are valuable to us and help us to constantly improve.

We proudly present MaxPodium, the European flagship of the renowned MaxRacer brand.

Launched in 2021 to expand the MaxRacer family, MaxPodium introduces MaxRacer's best-sellers to the European market, ensuring the proven level of quality and customer satisfaction.

Our renowned Brazilian brand combines many years of expertise in the production of office chairs with the robustness and design of racing car seats.

We develop our products with a passionate commitment to the highest quality and thoughtful attention to detail. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that our customers not only enjoy the highest level of seating comfort, but can continue to achieve peak performance even after long-term use of our products.